Welcome to Your Living Curriculum

This web site provides a platform for anyone who would like to become a staff writer and earn money (up to $100) by submitting original essays. Your Living Curriculum (YLC) is the repository of short comprehensive passages (250 to 350 words), formatted to assist teachers with literacy in their classrooms.

How it works is simple. Review the helpful Getting Started and Resources menus above for explanations and examples of passages that meet the requirements of composition, structure, and complexity for a chosen genre. Keep in mind, submissions have different requirements. Some may require citing sources (an expository passage), or the inclusion of dialogue for a first person narrative. The challenge is to write a passage that will meet the needs for primary and/or secondary grade levels. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

After you’ve explored this site, you may be ready to submit work or have some questions. We know there are already some writers out there. So, complete the simple Registration form. You will receive a confirmation in your email welcoming you to YLC.

Ready to start earning money as an educational staff writer? We welcome you aboard this experiment of becoming a part of the academic community.


Bradley Budinger

Contributor & Founder