About Us

As a teacher, I was always frustrated when I had to pay for instructional materials out of my own pocket. Part of the frustration was the large amount of materials that are out of date, not rigorous, or had too many alternative uses. This made them cumbersome and overly complicated. After I wound up spending additional time altering the purchased materials on a copy machine, I began to ask myself, “Why am I spending so much time altering marketed materials when I could design them myself?” I found out that most teachers felt the same.

That resulted in the creation of short high quality passages (culturally diverse) that met the subject matter and complexity needs of my students.

Publishers have staff writers who crate curriculum. Could a community of teachers, students, and creative writers do the same? And get pay! That idea behind Your Living Curriculum.

YLC is a bold concept for sure. The academic market place has always been dominated by large publishers with acclaimed PHd’s noted prominently in the front of their teachers’ guides. But, I’ve seen enough poorly assembled content from the big 5 that’s nothing short of useless. There’s a new vision.

Educators (anyone) can directly contribute content for academic use, keeping it simple, of high quality, and easily reproducible. Join us in this new experiment of bringing together a unique community of educators.


Bradley Budinger

Founder, CEO, and Contributor

We are not a C-501 nor a corporation. We are supported publicly through crowd funding and consulting services at our parent website, etreelearning.com.