Genres & Topics List

Review the General Guide Lines and Instructions (GGL&I) to match your interest

Click on the hyperlinks below to open a PDF describing the submission guide lines for a corresponding genre. During registration, pick two (2) topics of interest. Review them, keeping in mind which ones you will most likely have success.

Drama (play) Poetry  
Drama (story) Science, Earth 3rd thru 5th  
Essay, Biographical Science, Life  
Essay, Historical Science, Physical  
Essay, Narrative Science, Space  
Essay, Opinion/Persuasive Story, Fantasy  
Essay, Social Studies Story, Historical Fiction  
Fable Story, Realistic Fiction  
Mythology Story, Science Fiction  
Native American Tales  
  Technical Writing  

Located on the right side-bar, High Valued Genre & Topics ($) will be given special considerations when submitted within the window of opportunity. The High Valued list is dynamic. Genre may be dropped or added without notice.  If your submission qualifies, we will notify you by email.