Genres & Topics List

Literary elements for successful writers.

Click on the genre hyperlinks below to open a PDF describing the General Guide-Lines and Instructions (GGL&I). This will determine the value of your submission based on its readiness as instructional material. Download, review, and keep them handy. Write in the genre you prefer.

Drama (play) Poetry  
Drama (story) Science General, 3-12  
Essay, Biographical        Science, 3rd through 5th Grade  
Essay, Historical        Science, 6th through 8th Grade  
Essay, Narrative        Science, 9th through 12th Grade  
Essay, Opinion/Persuasive Story, Fantasy  
Essay, Social Studies Story, Realistic Fiction  
Fable Story, Science Fiction  
Mythology Tales  

Located on the right side-bar, High Valued Genre & Topics ($) will be given special considerations when submitted within the window of opportunity. The High Valued list is dynamic. Genre may be dropped or added without notice.  If your submission qualifies, make sure you registered, and we will notify you by email.