Basic Registration

Using the basic registration is easy. It takes only an email address to become a YLCer. No user name or password required. Select two genre/topics. Click Submit. We will then send you a General Guide Line and Instruction (GGL&I) for submission which details the following:

  • Specific Page Formatting (font, spacing, margins, file name and extension)
  • Composition (structure and elements of good work)
  • Complexity (given in Lexile® ranges)
  • Suggestions (more information that may be helpful)

Be aware however, that emails are unsecured correspondence (no frills). You can write us, send us your submission(s) as attachments, and we are just find with that (It’s kinda like communicating with your publicist). No personal information will be requested with a basic registration and don’t send us any.  If your work is formally accepted, we will send you a contract and link to a secure account.

Earning over $600.00 (Mr. Sam made me write this.)

If at the end of the year you’ve received $600 or more from YLC (congratulations), you will be sent a W9.  That form is required for reporting your earnings to the IRS. Any earnings below that amount will be ignored by both of us (well at least us).

So get started, and sign up on the Basic Registration. We’ll take care of the rest.

Bradley Budinger

CEO & Founder of YLC