High Valued Genres & Topics ($)

These topics are valued for their content.

High valued genre are more difficult to compose and typically in high demand. Poetry and Expository texts are high demand. Completed work with few revisions earns you the highest amount of pay. Payout is in the range of $100 per accepted submission. When we accept your work, you will be sent a contract with a Secured Registration link for payment. Payouts may vary for each submission. But, a basic formula that YLC follows would be:

  • Work meets the General Guide Lines and Instructions (GGL&I)
  • Work is complete with little editing needed.
  • Completed work is at the higher end of the complexity scale.
  • Work is of sufficient quality to be used in the classroom.
  • The genre and topic are High Valued (if appropriate).

Hint: To increase complexity in informational text, add more complex sentences and domain-specific vocabulary (words specific to a field of study, for instance mitochondria in biology). In literature (story telling), complexity is added by increasing sentence length, new and varied vocabulary, and multi-syllabic adjectives and adverbs.