Submissions Protocol

After registering, follow the steps below as part of your submission routine.

  • Every submission should have an attached document in the docx file format. Each successive submission (if it was sent back for revision) should have the revised and edited copy. Why? Because we will not look through emails determining which document is the most recent. You need to send the current and most recently revised copy to our editors. We will only respond to the most current emails.
  • In the subject bar of your email, always begin with your ID-#. Remember the ID is you. The -# is the submission for that particular body of work. Nether numbers will change until your passage has been accepted. This number stays with that document from the first submission until contract. After that, the next original passage submission will use your ID-2. Each additional submission will be the next larger whole number integer {3, 4, 5….}. A submission missing your ID-# predominately placed at the beginning of the subject bar will be deleted in our in box.
  • We will address any comments or questions you may have in the body of your email. However, DON’T SEND A SUBMISSION WITHOUT AN ATTACHMENT. Otherwise, it will be deleted.

Your email should look something like this:

Note: We are focused on getting your passage approved as quickly as possible. We will not answer questions about the contract or the amount you may receive for a particular passage submission because we don’t know ourselves. The quality of a submission is always somewhat subjective. We will send you a contract if your submission is accepted. At that time you can accept or reject the terms and conditions.